Frozen berry update: Nine people confirmed with Hepatitis A

UPDATE: UP to nine people have now been hit with Hepatitis A after eating contaminated frozen berries.

Three Victorians, Four Queenslanders and two people in New South Wales were diagnosed with the viral disease after reportedly consuming the 1kg packets of Nanna’s Frozen Mixed Berries.

EARLIER: THREE Queenslanders have been confirmed to have contracted Hepatitis A after eating Nanna’s frozen berries.


Two people from southern Brisbane and one from Cairns were struck with the viral disease after consuming Nanna’s Frozen Berries one kilogram packs.

The berries have also struck four people interstate over the past few days, with many more expected to fall ill because of the contamination.

Health professionals have stated that symptoms including fever and chills, abdominal pain and nausea could take as long as 40 days to show up after consumption of the berries.

If you believe you are suffering from the above symptoms it is highly advised you get tested.

Nanna’s frozen berries one kilogram packets were recalled nationally on Saturday with Creative Gourmet mixed berries in the 300g and 350g packets also being recalled the following day.

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