BEWARE: The latest scam that makes people think Police are calling

New South Wales Police are warning people to be wary of a cunning new phone scam currently targeting people in the Hunter Valley.

The scam is identical to one that has been targeting people in Queensland, with the caller ID imitating the phone number of the local Police station.

The caller claims to be from NSW Police or the Tax Office and threatens people with arrest if they don’t pay an outstanding debt.


They regularly ask for the debt to be repaid using Apple iTunes gift cards.

Police are warning members of the public to be wary of any requests for personal details or payments made over the phone and are urging them not to give any personal details or to transfer any money to people over the phone.

They’re reminding people that the Tax Office will never ask for a debt to be paid using iTunes vouchers, other store cards or pre-paid credit cards.

Police say the ATO will also never threaten people with immediate arrest or ask for a fee to be paid in order to receive a tax refund.

It also won’t ask people to provide their Tax File Number via email or SMS and will never ask for money to be paid into a personal bank account.

Further information can be found by clicking here