Beware the vibes of march

THOUSANDS of Australians marched in protest over the weekend.

I first heard of this nationwide movement when the protestors started tweeting pictures of themselves with the hashtag ‘#MarchinMarch’.

As far as I can determine, they were not protesting against one particular issue but ‘any government policy’ that annoyed them.


The issues plastered on placards included: climate change, asylum seekers, marriage equality, tax, and media ownership.

Also jobs, education, the ABC, environment, pensions and health.

Wait, I haven’t finished yet: live exports, coal seam gas, human rights, the NBN, the NDIS and greyhound racing.

I’m not making this up.

My favourite slogans were: “Stop being awful” – yes, very powerful – and “I’d even prefer Joffrey over Tony Abbott” – because I love a Game of Thrones reference.

Just like the Occupy Wall Street protests of a few years ago, there was no official leader or spokesperson because, that would be elitist or something.

Occupy who?

Yes, exactly.

The protestors declared it was a non-partisan march.

But the ‘F..K Tony Abbott’ t-shirts and badges sold out pretty damn quickly.

A member of the ‘Socialist Alternative’ said the slogan sums up the frustration of the people.

“It’s not about anything in particular that he’s done, it’s about what he represents,” he said.

It’s the vibe, man.

The protests started in regional towns on Saturday: Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Townsville and the Gold … oh, wait, nope.

The Gold Coast’s #marchinmarch was ‘postponed’ because they couldn’t get the police approvals in time apparently.

Police approvals? What part of protest do you not understand?

The march headed to the capital cities yesterday (SUN) where, according to organisers, tens of thousands of ordinary people with witty placards turned up.

According to police it was a bit less.

According to Tony Abbott there was no one.

“My understanding is that the only big rally in Sydney is the St Patrick’s Day parade,” Mr Abbott said.

Oh burn!

Anyway, a poll taken over the weekend revealed the Coalition still had a strong lead on primary votes at 44 to Labor’s 35 – apparently not everyone has the ‘vibe’.

So who’s going to the #MarchinMarchGoldCoast next weekend?






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