Bi-weekly National Cabinet meetings begin today

The National Cabinet will meet today to discuss the country’s stalled Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

It’s part of ramped-up meetings organised by the Prime Minister, desperate to get vaccination rates back on track.

It’s understood there are now plans to fast track pharmacists into the vaccination program, to fill the shortfall in areas that don’t have access to a GP.


Mass vaccination hubs will also be discussed, with New South Wales and Victoria reportedly keen to pursue that.

It’s hoped that vaccine discussions could eventually lead to a new timeline after the original vaccination end date of October was officially scrapped on the back of new AstraZeneca advice.

States and Territories are wanting to at least be able to get clearer advice over vaccine supply from the federal government so they can plan their rollouts accordingly.

At the moment, the federal government has confirmed that an extra 20 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been secured, but won’t arrive until later in the year.

Other issues to be discussed could include the Prime Minister’s hint yesterday that Australians who are vaccinated will be able to travel internationally this year, and quarantine at their homes once they return to Australia.

However, Scott Morrison admitted, there’s a lot of work to do on all fronts.

“We have to make sure that will work and that would be as effective as the hotel quarantine program,” he said yesterday.

“We have to do a lot of work together, the states, territories and commonwealth to make sure it works.

“If that works, that means you have freed up the hotel quarantine, and that means essential workers can start coming in, and potentially we can do more with other populations in a very controlled and very safe way.

“But the idea on one day that everything just opens, that is not how this will happen.

“It will be happening cautiously and carefully, working very hard on the medical and health protections in place because I’m not going to put at risk the way that Australians are living today,” Mr Morrison said.

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