Bicycle Qld launches 24/7 incident debrief service

Bicycle Queensland has launched a 24/7 psychological debrief service for riders who have been affected by things like accidents or near misses.

CEO of Bicycle Queensland, Anne Savage, said the service would significantly boost the range of support available to bike riders in Queensland.

“The mental health and wellbeing of riders is often overlooked following road incidents,” Ms Savage said.


“Riders commonly experience psychological distress and anxiety after an accident or near miss.

“This service will provide cyclists with the opportunity to process any distress and psychological trauma by connecting with experts who understand the immediate and ongoing impacts of a traumatic experience.

“Our aim is to ensure cyclists have the support they need to get back on their bikes with confidence, as soon as they feel ready.”

Ms Savage said the service would be available to Bicycle Queensland’s 18,000 members in Queensland and other Australian states.

“The incident debrief service will help cyclists identify strategies for increasing post-incident coping and recovery, and could also be useful in enhancing future riding ability by building mental strength,” Ms Savage said.

“We’ve developed the service in response to the overwhelming evidence that many of our members would benefit from the opportunity to debrief with a qualified psychologist in the aftermath of an accident or near miss.

“The service will primarily be available for members in the two weeks following an incident, to ensure we support people in acute stress and prevent the likelihood of post-traumatic stress occurring.

The phone-based service will be available on-demand and provided by critical incident assistance providers, OAS.

It will involve a consultation of up to 60 minutes and will include recommendations for referral to specialised services as appropriate.