BIEBER BAN: Justin Bieber not welcome in China

It seems Justin Bieber fans living in China will have to travel overseas if they’re hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite superstar.

A Chinese state office says the Canadian singer is not welcome to visit China because of his bad behaviour.

Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Culture claim Bieber’s lifestyle and his “words and actions” when he last performed in China had generated “public dissatisfaction” and he needed to improve his behaviour to be “truly loved” by the public.


It comes after a fan, He Wenrui, asked a question on the bureau’s website.

“Justin Bieber has won many big awards, he must have a lot of talent, why have Chinese fans not been afforded the right to appreciate him?”

In reply, the bureau said “it was not appropriate to bring in artists with bad behaviour.

“We hope Justin Bieber will continue to improve his behaviour as part of his growth, and become a singer truly loved by the public.”

It is unclear just what behaviour the Bureau is referring to, although the Biebs has found himself on the wrong side of the law a variety of times.

Also, when he performed in China in 2013, he raised eyebrows after he was pictured being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards.

Bieber hasn’t formally announced any plans to travel to China anytime soon. He is due to perform in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore in September and October.