Big blubber jellyfish invade Gold Coast waters

SWARMS of giant blue jellyfish have washed ashore parts of the Gold Coast – but rest assured, they are not deadly. 

Countless numbers of the Catostylus jellyfish, also known as Blue Bubber Jellyfish, peppered the sands of the Gold Coast Broadwater at the weekend.

These pictures were taken from the sands of the Southport Broadwater Parklands on Saturday.


Blubber 1

PICTURES: Jaydan Duck

It’s the most commonly encountered jellyfish along Australia’s east coast and although the sting if its tentacle can be painful, the Blue Blubber is not lethal. 

They are known to grow to a diameter of 45cm and mainly feed off plankton, small fish and some crustaceans.

If you’re stung, you can try using warm water or ice to ease the pain, or alternatively, consult your nearest surf lifesaver.


PICTURES: Jaydan Duck