Big boost to Gold Coast water cops as part of SEQ police funding

Southeast Queensland will receive an extra 35 cops over the next 12 months to deal with increased demand in the growing region.

The Gold Coast Water Police will be boosted by three officers, with top cops still deciding on exactly where the other officers will be placed.

The expansion of boots on the ground is part of the State Government’s 2022-23 budget funding for police.


Police Minister Mark Ryan says it’s one of the biggest increases to the Queensland Police Service ever.

“What that means is every single policing region will receive a boost,” Minster Ryan says.

“I’m very pleased that the Commissioner’s made the decision around boosting numbers here in the south-eastern region, as well as also endorsing the boost here at the Gold Coast Water Police.”

Currently, the coast’s Water Police department has about 14 officers, meaning adding three gives about 20% uplift.

The Gold Coast has around 800 navigable waterways and 400 canals, making it the biggest system in the Southern Hemisphere.

Police say the boost is important to ensure water police can respond to community safety on the water, but also to search and rescue disasters and emergencies.

While the increase of 35 officers across the south east is much-needed to tackle issues such as domestic violence and youth crime, both very prevalent in the region.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Swan says the extra officers will really help with how much the city is growing each year.

“What we’ve seen is significant increase in our growth in this region,” Assistant Commissioner Swan says.

“The numbers that we’ve put in the northern Gold Coast and actually in Logan as well, we hope will make a difference.”

In total, the State Government have promised there will be 2,025 extra police personnel by 2025.