Big Brother housemates send Gemma packing

THE housemates have spoken – It’s time to go, Gemma.

In an all time first, housemates were forced to evict one of their own last night, face-to-face.

Jake and Gemma both faced the boot after receiving the least amount of public votes over David and Sandra, and Cat and Travis.


But in one of the most confronting evictions yet for the series, the final decision on whom to evict rested with the housemates.

Each contestant was forced to chose out of either Jake and Gemma, and explain why to the group.

In the end, it was clear the housemates had had enough of the six-foot-six 29-year-old from Perth, but she walked gracefully away from the Big Brother House as this year’s first evictee.

On stage with Big Brother host Sonia Kruger, she said her time in the house was amazing and great.

“I wanted the show to be about me – I didn’t want to fly under the radar, I like pushing buttons. I wanted Australia to see me all the time, negative or positive,” she said.

Asked what she’d miss most, Gemma responded with “the people in the house, I’ll even miss the people I didn’t like … Travis,” she said.

Tonight, the Housemates will nominate as individuals for the first time this series.