Big Brother Scandal days before grand finale

BIG Brother heats up just days before the grand finale with a VOTING SCANDAL involving public favorite Travis.

It wouldn’t be Big Brother without a little scandal, but when it comes to tampering with votes BB fans make it clear that it’s too far.

Channel 9 viewers have sent in reports to the exclusive Behind Big Brother website that a ‘Vote to Win’ promo during Weekend Today and again during an Australia vs South Africa cricket telecast contained incorrect voting details for Travis.


It can be seen that Travis’ voting details have been substituted with evicted housemate Aisha’s. 1902 55 95 01 is Aisha’s deactivated vote to save phone line and anybody who calls this number is told that the voting lines are inactive.

As of the morning of Monday 24 November the incorrect promos are still going to air, leaving Travis’ family and fans furious with the scandal giving Travis an obvious disadvantage to the five competing housemates.

The Big Brother grand finale airs Wednesday 26 November, just TWO days away, leaving Big Brother with a LOT to answer for.