Big Brother housemates unaware of looming snap eviction

THE five Housemates up for eviction this week (pictured) will get a rude awakening on Monday night when a snap eviction leaves only four on the eviction chopping block for Tuesday night.

Tonight on Big Brother, the 24-hour Dance Marathon challenge wraps up and there’s more drama with Skye, but this time it’s with Sandra after she supposedly borrowed stretched a pair of Skye’s pants that she’d borrowed.

Aisha finds Travis and Skye overwhelming because they’re always “on”, and she’s also noticed a competitive streak in Skye.


It’s also weekly shopping time in the Big Brother House, with Housemates given only two minutes to put together a wish list and, as Head of House, Lawson takes charge and places the $50 per person order.

But when Big Brother announces the shopping has arrived, the Housemates notice there are items missing.

It’s later revealed Lawson blew the budget by more than $500.

Big Brother then decides to put on a surprise movie marathon to celebrate the weekend.

The Housemates are rattled after last night’s eviction, and tonight they had to vote for the very first time as individuals.


  • Katie
  • Cat
  • Dion
  • Travis
  • Priya

As Head of House, Lawson received the “Deadly Dozen” Power Play, where he was given 12 points (instead of 5) to nominate and also buy name “reveals” at the nomination table.

Lawson chose to reveal five names, including his own, Cat, Katie, Sam and Travis. He used the remaining seven points to vote.

To keep your favourite Housemate in the Big Brother House, Australia needs to vote to SAVE. Voting lines open at 10.00pm, Wednesday, September 24.

Call the number below to SAVE your favourite Housemates:

  • Katie: 1902 55 95 08
  • Cat: 1902 55 95 02
  • Dion: 1902 55 95 04
  • Travis: 1902 55 95 16
  • Priya: 1902 55 95 12

SMS: To save your favourite Housemate text one of these names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time: Katie, Cat, Dion, Travis or Priya.