Big Kids, Quiffs and Quivering Lips: The Bachelorette Episode 4 recap

We start Episode 4 with big-kid Courtney using his Golden Date card and whisking Georgia off for a single date in a blue kombi.

He talks about road tripping, camping and adventuring – all the stuff girls say they like but secretly stress over where they’ll plug their GHD in.


Georgia – who’s spent the best part of the morning in hair and make-up – smiles through gritted teeth as Courtney announces they’re going ‘skurfing’.

Can Courtney redeem himself with the waterfront dinner he’s planned? Things looked good until he exposed his pirate-fetish.

Dressed as characters resembling Captain Feather sword from the Wiggles, they flirt their way through dinner and Georgia hopes for a kiss, but Courtney (quite possibly a virgin) goes in for a hug.

Georgia’s spewing but still gives the kid a rose to keep him safe from elimination.

Next is the group date and the only good thing about this date is the Go-Pro positioned between the boys legs so we see crotch action.

Billy-karting over, and Golden Date card holder Courtney humbly instructs Tommy to have some alone-time with Bachie-ette – much to Georgia’s apprehension.

Tommy – who’s mouth looks filled with piranha’s teeth – and Georgia, sit awkwardly on the couch and it’s clear from the strategically placed barricade cushion between them, that piranha boy is next to go.

Cocktail Party run-down…

Sam and Jake cement their place in the show with a master food creation Georgia calls “the bubble of trouble”.

Rhys has a few poems up his sleeve, and Lee is still HAWWWT.

The Rose Ceremony is predictable.

Cameron and Tommy are left standing on the podium. Cam’s magnificent quiff saves his arse from elimination while buzz-cut Tommy’s quivering lip gets shown the door.