‘Biggest coastal protection project in the city’s history’ Gold Coast to get new artificial reef

Council has today unveiled plans to protect one of the city’s most eroded beaches by building an artificial reef off Palm Beach.

Mayor Tom Tate announced HC2, a joint venture between Hall Contracting Pty Ltd and Heron Construction Company, will lead the construction of the new artificial offshore reef, which could potentially also create an epic new surf break.

He says the project, set to cost $18.2 million, is very much needed at Palm Beach as it has a narrow beach width which makes it more susceptible to the effects of cyclonic swells and beach erosion compared to our other coast beaches.


“We want Palm Beach to be enjoyed by everyone and to achieve this, we need to invest wisely in the shoreline project,” Mayor Tate said.

“The artificial reef is designed to control wave energy before it reaches the shore, resulting in a build-up of sand that will act as a buffer during storm season and swell events.

“The reef will be constructed with large boulders up to eight tonne. The boulders will be placed to form the protective reef using specialised barges and marine construction equipment.”

Mayor Tate said that while the primary purpose of the artificial reef is for coastal protection, it also has the potential to create a surf break under favourable swell conditions.

“Let’s hope the surfers get to enjoy it as well,” he said.

Construction of the artificial reef will take place from May to October 2019.

It’s part of phase two of the broader Palm Beach Shoreline Project which last year saw significant sand dredging occur in preparation for the reef construction.