Bike rider’s breast implants rupture in kangaroo attack

A bike rider has a long recovery ahead after she and a friend were set upon by a large kangaroo in a South Australian wine region.

Sharon Heinrich has told how the two women were riding on a tourist route in the Clare Valley last week when the attack happened.

They had spotted the animal on an embankment and thought “he looked peaceful”.


But, then ‘Skippy’ launched at the women.

“He’s taken out the left-hand side of me and then as I’ve gone to tip that’s when he’s pushed off and landed on (my friend) Helen,” Ms Heinrich told 891 ABC Adelaide.

She broke three ribs and will undergo surgery this week to replace ruptured breast implants which she joked kind of worked as “airbags”.

“They [the implants] are silicon and saline, and the saline will just go through your body, but the silicon now congeals so it stays within the area but it’s very painful, it’s up there with cracked ribs.”

Her friend Helen Slater suffered concussion and whiplash, but managed to get back on her bike and raise the alarm.