Bikie associate charged over bus driver bashing returns to Southport court

An alleged bikie associate charged over the bashing of a bus driver in Surfers Paradise on August 21, faced Southport Magistrates Court on Monday accused of trying to use counterfeit money to buy drinks at the casino while on bail.

Liam Cooper Scorsese was on bail with strict conditions on five charges when he was returned to custody two days ago.

Police will allege the 29-year-old was found at the casino with counterfeit money.


On Monday Mr Scorsese was led into the dock wearing a black t-shirt and faded jeans.  He sat for much of his appearance with his arms folded across his chest, showing off arm tattoos.

Lawyer Ashkan Tai said his client had suffered serious facial injuries and had been on watch house bail so he could receive medical attention.

Scorsese was reportedly assaulted, possibly suffering a broken jaw, at the Aria Apartments, shortly after he was charged over the bus driver assault.

But the 29-year-old reportedly left before officers arrived after witnesses reported hearing a gunshot.

In court on Monday Mr Scorsese had his bail continued with tight reporting and residential conditions.

Outside the courthouse Lawyer Ashkan Tai told reporters “my client is a business owner..he has been paid obviously in counterfeit money”.

“He’s gone to the casino, one wouldn’t expect somebody if they were dealing with counterfeit money to go to the casino.

“My client’s been caught up in something where he hasn’t had any knowledge of the counterfeit money.

“He immediately told police about this when they apprehended him, he immediately told them he was a business owner, and under the legislation of the defence where if you within a reasonable time are able to advise the authorities you can’t be charged with it.

“But it seems as though he’s been alerted to the counterfeit money and within five minutes he’s been arrested by the police, so he hasn’t been given the opportunity to declare the money or return the money to the police.

Mr Tai said a sharp-eyed bartender noticed the cash was not genuine and told Mr Scorsese.  He then went through his money and helped him sort out what was counterfeit and what wasn’t.

“They then separated those and before he had a chance to hand it in, he was apprehended by the police” his Lawyer continued.

Police will allege he was buying a drink and didn’t hand in the counterfeit cash soon enough.

Mr Scorsese will next face Southport Magistrates Court on September 27.