Bikies and “Gay Panic” rule to be pushed in Queensland parliament

The Queensland government will be pushing for major legislation to be passed in its final sitting week of the year, with a priority on replacing anti-bikie laws.

Labor’s Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Bill has been debated since the beginning of the month, however the opposition is arguing its framework is far from ready to be passed.

Among the planned amendments are harsher sentences for fraud and child sex offences and a NSW-style consorting offence, to replace the Newman Government’s existing laws against bikie gatherings in groups of three or more.


Labor will need the support of crossbenchers in the hung parliament to get the bill to pass, as the Liberal National Party is standing against it.

The government is aiming to introduce a total of seven bills across the three final sitting days of the year, including legislation on mental health, dam safety, water and child protection.

There will also be a bill introduced to scrap the so-called “gay panic” defence, which allows murderers to argue a downgrade for their charge to manslaughter if they claim the violence was triggered by an unmotivated homosexual advance.

All other states besides South Australia have scrapped the rule, some as far back as 2003.

A petition on calling for reform has attracted more than 289,000 signatures.