Bikies “throwing in the towel” say Police

Membership of Outlaw Motorcycle gangs has hit a new low, according to new data showing the number of ‘patched’ members stands at 650.

That’s a drop from the 2015 figure of 789, with Queensland Police boasting more than 170 bikies are now behind bars.

“More bikies are throwing in the towel with over a hundred of them handing in their colours and formally disassociating from declared criminal organisations,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said in a statement.


In the last year the Organised Crime Gangs Group arrested 1179 people on 3665 charges, the highest number of arrests in any year since Taskforce Maxima was formed.

“I am advised by the Queensland Police Service that the number of ‘Patched’ OMCG members as at January 1st, 2015 was 789,” Mr Ryan said.

“Police advise that as at June 2nd, 2019 the number was down to 650.

“I am further advised that since this government’s laws came into effect, 114 ‘patched’ OMCG members have formally disassociated from declared criminal organisations.

“In that time 55 matters have been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission, 41 restraining orders have been obtained over property worth $12.2m, and 130 people have been charged with the circumstance of aggravation for being a participant in a criminal organisation.”

Queensland allocated an additional $5m in the state budget to the State Crime Command to back the Queensland Police Service’s efforts in targeting organised crime.