Bill Shorten tables documents showing renounced British citizenship

Bill Shorten has produced documents in parliament that prove he re-nounced his British Citizenship in 2006.

Following question time on Monday, the leader of the opposition tabled a document from the British Home Office confirming he had renounced his British citizenship before he was elected to parliament in 2007.

“I will not allow the Prime Minister to use a smear about me as a cover about the crisis which engulfs his Government,” he said.


“I offer this proof to the Parliament today to put an end to baseless allegations, not reward them.”

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former prime minister Tony Abbott had called on Mr Shorten to release proof or “shut up”.

Seven MPs have been referred to the High Court to decide if they are ineligible to sit because of dual citizenship. Their cases will be heard next month.