Bindi finally receives her huge DWTS pay cheque

Bindi Irwin has finally got her hands on her whopping pay cheque, despite winning Dancing With The Stars in the US two weeks ago.

There was a hold up in awarding the Wildlife Warrior her winnings because a US court wanted the 17-year-old to prove both her parents had relinquished any right to her prize money because she is a minor, according to TMZ.

Bindi’s mum Terri submitted a signed document to the court, but the judge wanted one signed by her father Steve Irwin too, even though he tragically passed away in 2006.


It is unknown whether the judge was unaware of Steve’s death, or was just being a stickler for the legal process.

After discussions with Dancing With The Stars lawyers, a judge has finally awarded Bindi with her winnings – which is a whopping $USD350,000.