Bishop supports same-sex marriage

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has come out in support of gay marriage, saying she has “absolutely no concerns” about it.

Ms Bishop had previously kept her views private, declining to comment on her personal stance.

But on Monday night, she told Channel Ten’s The Project that she supports the right for gay and lesbian couples to marry, and backs holding a plebiscite.


“I have absolutely no concerns about it myself, but I know there a lot of people who are deeply concerned about the issue,” Ms Bishop said.

“That’s why I think a plebiscite, where the Australian people get to have a vote on it, on an issue as fundamental as this, that goes to the very composition of our community, the way we feel about each other, how we treat each other.

“I think the Australian people should have their say.”

It follows a pledge by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to push ahead with a plebiscite on same-sex marriage following the next federal election.