Bizarre new way Gold Coast schoolies could be partying this year

There’s fears this year’s schoolies on the Gold Coast could be off the cards due to the country’s evolving coronavirus crisis.

The much-anticipated celebrations usually take place on the glitter strip in late November every year, however there’s concerns the COVID-19 outbreak may not be under control by then.

However, the city’s Mayor has come to the rescue with an innovative and rather unusual proposal.


Instead of partying in Surfers Paradise hotel rooms and on the iconic Gold Coast sand, he suggests school graduates log into zoom and other online apps and party together on the internet.

“You’re the technology people. Maybe you use Zoom or whatever it is, social media, to do Schoolies like that from home,” the Mayor told Newscorp.

It wouldn’t be the first time organisers of events and shows have had to move their operations online. This year’s season of The Bachelor Australia was forced to turn to a “love in lockdown” type of format after filming was halted due to the pandemic.

It saw all contestants and the Bachelor log into zoom from the comfort of their own homes to continue filming.

At this stage it remains business as usual for Schoolies 2020, however a decision on the annual year 12 celebrations is expected to be made in the next few months.

The decision will be made based on health advice from the State’s Chief Health Officer.

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This virus is expected to last for years to come if a vaccine is not found. Schoolies? Really? I know its seen as a right of passage nowadays, but why risk the QLD economy to further lock down as well as the health risk to residents in order to have a couple of weeks of under age drinking, vomit in the streets, rubbish strewn on the beaches, with absolutely no social distancing or any other form of safety measures? As Mr Spock says, the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few. It’s crazy to even contemplate it for our Gold Coast.

The kids have worked to hard to be left to zoom most of there dreams with travel already squashed how cs you deprive them of a celebration on the sands in hotel rooms which most have already booked also formals should be brought forward un most highschool i belive pleazw agree