Bizarre sight as stolen horse taken for a stroll across the Gold Coast

Well I guess this explains the long face…

A horse has been put through its paces on the Gold Coast today after allegedly being stolen from a pony club in Southport and led halfway across the Gold Coast.

Police received reports of the unusual theft around midday, with officers telling myGC a man had allegedly taken the animal from a property on Queen Street.


However it wasn’t long before the horse and the man caught the attention of the public, with shocked Gold Coasters phoning police to report the bizarre sight.

“Police received calls from members of the public after they had seen a man walking along Thomas Drive in Surfers Paradise looking suspicious with a horse,” a police spokesperson said.

Officers then rushed to the scene and ended up locating the pair near the Giant Slingshot attraction in the middle of Surfers Paradise.

The man was taken into custody and is yet to be charged.

Officers remained on scene with the horse, providing it with buckets of water whilst its owner organised transportation to take her beloved animal back home.