Black Thursday – The Great Crash of 2014

FOR one brief moment on Thursday, the people of the world were united.

Race, religion and beliefs were all cast aside as we came together as one, bound by a common despair.

There was unprecedented global panic, grief and anger as the reality of our collective predicament became tragically all too clear.


NEWS: Facebook back on the grid after global outage

No, the outpouring of rage and fear had nothing to do with the 219 Nigerian school girls STILL missing, or the situation in Ukraine or Syria or Iraq or any of the many calamities we do our best to ignore.

It was all because Facebook was down.

For 20 to 30 minutes, the duration is still in some dispute, Facebook users were unable to like, share or update their feed.

It was mayhem, folks.

Some wag ‘reported’ people were flooding into the streets across the world, thrusting pictures of themselves into the faces of bystanders and demanding ‘DO YOU LIKE THIS? WELL DO YOU????”

Within minutes #Facebookdown was trending on Twitter worldwide as smug tweeters seized on their social media buddies’ #BlackThursday discomfort to have some fun.

“We will be telling our grandkids about the Great Facebook Crash of 2014.”

They’ll have to go back to MySpace, some sniggered.

Someone posted a Keep Calm and Use Twitter sign.

A Twit in Atlanta, Georgia tweeted: “The whole world has gone crazy and is writing on actual walls.”

Someone in Maharashtra said they got so angry they poked a real human being.

“You kids think you have it tough! Back in the olden days Facebook crashed one day. We had to talk to each other.”

There was faux suspicion about the Abbott Government’s involvement in the Crash of 2014.

China was implicated at one point.

What happens if Twitter also crashes?

After the longest 20 minutes of many people’s lives, Facebook suddenly revived itself and all was right with the world. So to speak.

But we all learnt a powerful lesson from this: We are strong, we are brave and together we can move forward without social media – for at least 20 minutes.

As long as Twitter is still working.

The End

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