Blood-borne virus alert for Sydney cosmetic surgery patients

A number of cosmetic procedure patients in Sydney may have been exposed to a variety of blood-borne viruses including HIV, NSW health has warned.

NSW Health has issued an alert warning people who have had cosmetic procedures and injections done from a private premises in Five Dock to contact their GP for a blood test immediately.

The alert comes following a recent complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission which lead to the inspection of a residential unit in Five Dock.


“Following a recent complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission, NSW Health has become aware that a [woman] has been performing cosmetic procedures from a private premises situated on Great North Road, Five Dock,” the alert reads.

“There is a risk that clients who have had cosmetic procedures performed at this address may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

NSW Health said that there was evidence of a lack of hygiene, possible re-use of medications and equipment between patients, and a lack of effective cleaning and sterilisation.

People who have had procedures performed at this address have been urged to seek the advice of a GP.