Blood donors desperately needed over Easter long weekend

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is calling on Australians to roll up their sleeves and give blood this Easter long weekend, in a bid to avoid life-saving blood stocks running low.

In particular, Aussies with O-negative blood are being urged to come forward, but authorities say other blood types also need a boost over the Easter period.

“O-negative is the universal blood type and can be given to anyone in an emergency, such as a road trauma, when there simply isn’t time to find out someone’s blood type,” Lifeblood Executive Director of Donor Services Cath Stone said.


“Only nine percent of Australians have O-negative blood, but it makes up 17 per cent of orders from hospitals because it saves lives in emergencies.

“Our stocks of O and A blood types are lower than we’d like, so an extra 8,000 blood donations are needed immediately to boost blood supplies back to normal levels.”

It’s been revealed one third of Australia’s blood supply comes from New South Wales, with last week’s flooding resulting in some of the state’s donors unable to attend their appointments.

“Added to this is the upcoming Easter long-weekend, traditionally a challenging time for blood supplies, as many donors take a break,” Ms Stone said.

“Our donor centres across the country will be open over the long-weekend, and I urge Australians who can safely make it to their local donor centre to book an appointment in the place of those who can’t”.

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