Bloody idiots driving us around the bend

I SAW a biker and his passenger pulled over on the Gold Coast Highway this week and I thought ‘here we go again’.

Police will pull over anyone on two wheels these days, it’s outrageous!

What about our civil liberties!


It wasn’t even a macho motorbike but a brightly coloured machine that looked about as intimidating as a poodle wearing a pink hat.

Then I saw it – the reason they had been pulled over on the side of a busy highway in the middle of the day.

No, it wasn’t a leather jacket or vest tagged with the ‘1%er’ label that has gotten bikies into so much trouble.

It wasn’t weapons or drugs usually associated with the Gold Coast’s notorious outlaw bikie gangs.

It was a surfboard.

Those morons had been zooming down the highway carrying a surfboard.

Book ‘em Danno, I thought as the lights changed and I took off.

Unfortunately there are a lot of bloody idiots driving around on the Gold Coast.

I was almost wiped out by a white 4WD on Bundall Road about 10 years ago.

Realising too late that he was in the wrong lane to turn left, the driver swerved without warning in front of me and then had the nerve to get upset when I beeped my horn in shock.

For the next kilometre or so, the grey-haired idiot charged up from behind menacingly or pulled into the lane beside my car to mouth obscenities at me.

I was getting very nervous until he positioned his hand palm up, two fingers extended and, with an angry flick of his wrist, gave me the forks.

Then I started laughing.

No one has done the forks since the 70s, idiot!

This only made him angrier and snot started coming out of his nose as he screamed at me while his poor wife shrank into her seat in embarrassment.

As he pulled away with a screech of tyres I noted his vanity numberplate, one I will never forget because the idiot had his own name on it.

A couple of years ago I was driving in Robina when a white 4WD swerved to overtake me and sped off.

It was the same numberplate.


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