Boaties warned of hidden danger in flood-affected rivers, canals and creeks

BOATIES, jetskiers, and paddlers heading for a weekend on the water are being urged to take extra care with recent flooding likely to have changed the landscape under the surface.

“Not only will there be a multitude of submerged objects and snags, the floods will also have moved the shoals and channels around,” said Director Community and Natural Resources Tracey Stinson.

“Navigating the river and upper reaches this weekend will not be the same as the last time you went out, as the river is not the same river it was 10 days ago.


“Recreational boaties will need to take extreme care to avoid the submerged obstacles, which we fully expect will include sunken boats and cars, large trees and branches and at drift pontoons.”

River and creek banks will also be highly unstable and undercut, leaving them prone to collapse at any time.

Councils have urged residents to stay off the water and away from the river and creek banks if possible.

“Unfortunately, it’s a case of what you can’t see can hurt you.”