Boating still allowed on Gold Coast but with restrictions

Boaties across the Gold Coast are being assured they still can take their boats out, but only for essential purposes.

There has been plenty of confusion in the local boating industry about what was allowed and what wasn’t during the current coronavirus crisis.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says people can still take their boats out in local waters to fish or to travel for essential reasons.


But the rule of only having gatherings of two people will apply on boats as well, meaning no boat parties for the foreseeable future.

“If you own a boat and want to head out in the water in your local community to fish for food this weekend, you can,” Mr Bailey said.

“If you need your boat to travel locally in your community, you can still do that.

“If you want to head out on your kayak or stand up paddle board for exercise, you still can.”

But Mr Bailey stressed that in accordance with the Chief Health Officer’s advice, people should only be leaving their home for essential reasons anyway.

“We want people to continue living their lives as normally as possible under the current circumstances, but the advice of the Chief Health Officer needs to be followed.

“No one should be leaving their home unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

“There’s no reason for anyone to be taking the boat out unless it’s for essential travel to get to work, to and from your home, to local shops for provisions or catching fish for your family.

“Even then, there should be no more than two people, or immediate family members on board, and the social distancing rules everyone is being asked to follow still apply.”

It’s understood maritime bosses are considering some further restrictions including a possible ban on jet skis.

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Why ban jet skis? Would be difficult to get a better form of social distancing with motorized watercraft

I agree!
How is someone driving to the boat ramp and going out on a ski anything other than social distancing!
Or in a boat with the same people you live with (family).
People are really going to start getting p***ed off if they make stupid decisions like this.

should be banned from the waterways. bunch of hoon rednecks. Contribute nothing and leave a slick of rwo stroke oils in our waterways.

Hey Lez, you must have had a bad experience in the 80s. Most jetskis are 4 stroke now days.

Maybe U want to take a look at young kids in over powered tummies leaving ppl in a wake that looks likes the Broadwater on a 40 knot day. Step into the real world mate

I’m no hoon!! I love going out on my ski for exercise and to cruise up to Couran cove and Use their facilities?
I had a boat and it was too expensive jet ski is perfect. Should be allowed to go out as long as you are on your own in this virus time!?

I firmly agree that jet ski’s used by one person at a time in the current situation (covid 19) are an exceptional form of exercise / great for fishing alone and cheaper to travel from A-B than most forms of boating. Yes over many years I have had family and friends enjoy being towed on matts /water skies /and many other forms of towable items. I am 62 yrs of age and luv it when family and friends can enjoy a day down the water but now I mostly use my ski for exercise and to simply clear my head and feel great. To all the wankers who hate all jet skiers wake up to yourselfs. The woman who hated jet skiers soon appreciated it when I towed her and hubbies 20 foot boat back to their boat ramp. Cheers to all the responsible boaties.

Im glad about this nothing better that fresh air with no one close by..its isolating outdoors if you are lucky enough

Great news for people who can have fresh air while isolating..

I struggle to understand how heading out on the water with immediate family (wife and kids) is any more of a risk than going for a walk for exercise?

It isn’t. These idiots think it’s safer to take public transport or go to the shops for food.

I can’t understand why they just can’t limit it to immediate family onboard and police it by asking for legitimate ID for all family members if pulled over by the water police.
No ID then issue a fine,

My 11 and 14 year old don’t carry ID unfortunately. I still thing I should be taking them in the boat instead of locking them in the car. Possibly…

I think the issue is how you police it. Its hard to tell who is a household unit and who isn’t without IDing people. Easier to just ban it. People don’t need to jet ski during a pandemic.
Everyone’s making sacrifices.

I agree totally. I know wealthy young people who JetSki for the fun it it. This is hardly staying home irrespective of the chance of contracting the virus. It’s akin to all the d***heads heading to Sydney beaches to sunbaje. Selfishness personified!

How is going for a ride on my jetski going to hurt anyone?

Yep a agree, can sit on a tram or train, sit in a car with your family, should be trusted if you own a boat that all on board are family and if pulled over and can’t prove it get a massive fine and me and my wife should be able to go to the closet boat ramp to our house to put in and go for a cruise to get out of the rutt we are in and relax the head. Staying away from everyone and chill.

So are jet skis banned on the Gold Coast Can not see where it says if they are or are not allowed

Looks like JetSki Safaris are still taking bookings for this weekend!!!

Couldn’t agree more with Ian even contemplating a ban on jet skis is idiotic