‘Bodies in the Box’ accused return to court

Seven people charged with the “Bodies in the Box” murders north of the Gold Coast are due to return to court today.

Cory Breton, 28,  and Iuliana Triscaru, 31, went missing on January 24.

Their bodies found in a locked metal box at the bottom of Kingston Dam at Logan on February 11.


Police allege the pair were beaten, stuffed in a large tool  box and taken to the dam where they were shot in the head before the box was dumped in the water.

Murder charges were laid against six people the day the bodies were found.

Less than a week later charges were laid against the seventh member of the group.

Tepuna Tupuna Mariri, Webbstar Latu, Stou Daniels, Davy Malu Junior Taiao, Ngatokoona Mareiti, Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata and Trent Michael Thrupp are listed for mentions in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.