Bold plan to clear 1 million pieces of rubbish

When I was 22, I had newly graduated from university and I was finding my way in the world. I’d recently started my first “proper” job and felt like a full grown adult, as I was suddenly working 40 hours a week and sporting a sensible corporate-appropriate wardrobe.

Reading about designer Sophia Mulheran this week, I feel humbled by how much she’s achieved at just 22 years of age – and she’s only getting started!

Sophia is doing something entirely different as she kicks her career off the ground, by attempting to save the world… one piece of plastic at a time.


The founder of Sophia Mulheran Designs, she has launched the brand Sophia. to revolutionise the homewares and stationery industry, by creating beautiful, sustainable and ethical items.

To date, she has repurposed a whopping 17,000 pieces of garbage into beautiful bespoke plates, cards and books – and she has plans to transform another 1 million bits of rubbish into beautiful new homewares by 2020.

She has just launched a campaign that aims to raise $45,000, to fund the removal of 1 million pieces of rubbish from the environment, while also planting, watering and maintaining 500 native trees.

“Sophia. is a brand that works to nurture and protect what we already have, while also rejuvenating and replenishing essential pieces of our environment,” she says.

“My biggest goal is to make a real impact through the sustainable and ethical items that we sold, and to use our profits to plant more trees and remove more rubbish.”

You can support Sophia’s grand plan by donating to her crowdfunding efforts here – contributions start at just $2, while ten bucks gets you 3 beautiful greeting cards, and larger contributions lead to treasures like limited edition plates and hand-made picnic rugs.

It’s really a win-win-win for everyone: you score something new and pretty for your home. She gets to continue growing her purpose-led movement, building her range sustainable, eco-friendly and Australian-made products. And the environment benefits with 1 million fewer pieces of garbage floating about, ready to cause carnage to our native flora and fauna.

As I said, win-win-win – so what are you waiting for?! Get shopping here!