BOM OUTLOOK | Queensland in for ‘very warm and very dry’ summer

Queensland’s in for a hot and dry summer, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s summer outlook released today.

The Bureau has predicted a ‘high likelihood of warmer than average days and nights over the summer period’, and a ‘high likelihood of drier than average conditions for most of the state, with highest odds in southern Queensland’.

Doctor Andrew Watkins from the Bureau says there’s very little rain forecast over the coming months.


“Well Queensland’s certainly looking very warm and very dry for the coming summer.

“We’re seeing very high odds above 80 percent of the state being drier than average, and likewise we’re seeing above 80 percent chance of it being warmer than average right across the state.

“The main influence on the outlook at the moment is the positive IOD, and that occurs when you get cooler normal ocean temperatures off Indonesia, which tends to restrict the amount of moisture coming into eastern Australia, it also tends to create higher pressures over eastern Australia – which keeps the clouds away.

“The other influence particularly in southern Queensland is the negative southern angular mode or SAM, and what causes that is our weather systems are further north than normal and that’s going to cause more westerly winds, those hot and dry winds coming into south east Queensland in particular,” Dr Watkins said.

Doctor Watkins says it follows similar conditions experience in spring, which was also extremely hot and dry.

“Spring has been very dry for Queensland, likely to come in in one of the top 5 driest springs on record for Queensland.

“It’s also been very warm across large parts of the state during the days, night times have been cooler, particularly up there in far north Queensland and some of the coastal regions.

“But generally, yeah, it’s been warm and dry,” Dr Watkins said.