Bomb squad race to Sydney electricity substation after suspicious device found

UPDATE @ 11.30am: The Bomb Squad have been unable to determine what the objects are that sparked a major scare at an electricity substation in Sydney this morning.

Emergency crews including specialist police raced to the substation on Smith Street, Penrith around 9.00am, after workers discovered the device.

The Daily Telegraph initially reported that the device is believed to be a petrol bomb with a detonator attached, however this has not been confirmed.


An examination of the contents by the bomb disposal unit failed to shed any light, with the device seized from the area for forensic analysis.

The area has since been reopened.

EARLEIR @ 9.30am: The bomb squad have raced to an electricity substation in Sydney following the discovery of a suspected explosive device.

The Daily Telegraph reports the device is believed to be a petrol bomb with a detonator attached.

It was found by workers at the substation on Smith Street, Penrith this morning.

Several emergency crews are currently at the scene.

People have been warned to avoid the area with both Smith Street and Fragar Road closed.