Bond Uni students leave Gold Coast to help needy African community

A group of Bond University students will be aiming to put their skills to use and help the economy of a disadvantaged African community over the coming weeks.

They are taking part in the Bond in Africa program which started in 2012.

Spokeswoman Zoe Kaeshagen says the students will help with IT maintenance and school renovations at Malanji Mission in Malawi.


She says money the students have raised before the trip will be spent on supplies for the African community.

“We buy lots of new school equipment for the children, materials to build desks, paint so we can paint the classrooms and stuff like that,” she said.

“So each group each year works on doing that … [they] will obviously just give feedback on how the trip was and work on improving it each year for the next generation of students to go.”

She says the students will be away for two weeks.

“We’re working at the Malanji mission which is a hospital and a school predominantly and we’re just going over there and helping out with IT maintenance and classroom renovations and stuff like that,” she said.

“It started in 2012 by a student at Bond University, so this is our third year and we’ve returned to the same place each year and just working on strengthening our relationships and ties.”

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