Book Review: I am Number Four

number fourBook Review by Jamie Campbell

JOHN Smith is not an average teenager. It is also not even his real name. He is an alien, sent down from Lorian when his planet was invaded by the Mogadorians.

There were nine of them, a charm that binds them together means they can only be killed in order. John is number four in the order. And number three just died.


Trying to stay alive from the constant threat of the Mogadorians finding him, John and his guardian Henri must always be vigilant. They move once again, this time to Paradise, Ohio.

Having friends for the first time, not to mention a girlfriend, John doesn’t want to run any longer. He wants to stay and fight. With his powers developing stronger every day, he’s ready for the fight of his life.

I Am Number Four is a complex world of an alien just trying to stay alive for his planet. He really wants what we all do – to fit in and have a normal life. The Mogadorians make that a little difficult.

If you like alien conspiracies, then you will like this book. The story didn’t exactly grip me straight away, but it was a good read nonetheless.