Book of the Week: Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

Why we Love it:  For Mary Kubica’s growing legion of fans we’re thrilled to report that America’s bestselling suspense writer has just released her third book – and Don’t You Cry is as creepy and thrilling as the previous two.

It’s the start of a grim Chicago winter and Quinn’s roommate Esther Vaughan is missing. Her bedroom window leading to the fire escape is open but there’s no sign of a forced entry and Esther’s possessions, including her phone, are still at home. Quinn has no idea what could have become of her lovely roommate. But a couple of strange notes and some mysterious calls lead Quinn to believe her roommate might not be quite so lovely afterall.

In a small town outside Chicago, Alex Gallo lives with his alcoholic father. Alex is your quintessential literary loser – poor, motherless, no friends, no girlfriend – and yet we can’t help but like this intelligent, sensitive young man. He is watching a girl who is sitting in a café obsessively watching a therapist’s office. Who is this beautiful but down-and-out girl and what is she doing in Alex’s hick town? And what’s going on in the abandoned house across from Alex’s house – the one that the neighbours say is haunted by the ghost of a five-year-old girl?


The irresistible narrative is told in alternate chapters by Quinn and Alex and their stories are seemingly unconnected until the plot’s suspenseful and dramatic finale when the two are forced to dredge up the past and discover the reasons behind these mysterious occurrences. In doing so they both risk their own lives.

don-t-you-cryKubica skillfully transports us to the dark and cold of a bleak Chicago winter, surely and steadily, but oh-so-subtly, reeling us into the lives of her characters. For much of the book we were truly flummoxed about what was actually happening and why, but felt compelled to keep turning the pages nevertheless. It’s an intriguing and original plot that had us on the edge of our seats throughout. Kubica fans can rest assured that she’s written another haunting and beautifully drawn psychological thriller that is ultimately satisfying when all the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place.

Don’t You Cry is Kubica’s third novel. Her previous two books established a big fan base for her own special brand of chilling thriller – her first book The GoodGirl and last year’s Pretty Baby (a previous Better Reading Book of the Week) were both New York Times bestsellers.  She lives in Chicago with her husband and two children.

You can watch the trailerpurchase a copy, or start reading Don’t You Cry!

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