Book of the Week: Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey

nothing-short-of-dying-minErik Storey’s first novel, Nothing Short of Dying, is a thrilling debut; a rollercoaster ride through the treacherous back country of the Colorado wilderness that will leave you breathless.

Clyde Barr has seen it all. After a childhood filled with unimaginable violence at the hands of cruel and violent stepfathers, he quits home to travel the world, becoming a poacher in Africa, then a mercenary, always trying to pick the side of justice and standing up for the little guy. He ends up in South America doing the same thing, but inevitably ends up on the wrong side of law and in a hellish Mexican prison where he must fight for survival. When back in Colorado he intends to live rough in his beloved mountains but when the youngest of his older sisters, Jen, is in serious trouble, he will stop at nothing – nothing short of dying – to save her. He owes her one – a seriously big one from their childhood when they had finally had enough of their ill treatment.

But Jen’s been taken by the worse possible kind. Formerly security in Iraq, Lance Alvis has become a dangerous criminal, returning to the US to run meth labs and, with an army of thugs to protect him, he’s taking over the territory of the biggest criminals in the state and the police are almost powerful to stop him. Crazy then that Clyde takes him on alone ­with only Allie to help him. Allie is another damaged girl who has her reasons to join him but isn’t prepared for what comes next. What follows is a nail-biting ride through the treacherous, freezing mountains of Colorado as Barr hunts down Alvis in his desperate bid to save his sister before it’s too late.


Nothing Short of Dying marks the start of a new thriller series with Clyde Barr, a hero who is seriously tough but with enough sense of justice to keep him sympathetic.

Nothing Short of Dying is Erik Storey’s debut. Even its road to publiciation was quite the rollercoaster ride – countless rejections and then one last ditch pitch from his wife to LeeChild’s agent – and finally publication! He is a former ranch hand, wilderness guide, dogsled musher, and hunter. He spent his childhood summers growing up on his great-grandfather’s homestead or in a remote cabin in Colorado’s Flat Tops wilderness. He lives with his family in Grand Junction, Colorado.

To read the first chapter, click here. To buy a copy of Nothing Short of Dying, click here.