Boral could still dig itself out of a hole

THE battle has been won but the war is not over.

The mighty Gold Coast warriors who have so far managed to stave off the invasion of Boral at Reedy Creek can celebrate but only briefly.

The council’s decision to side with residents and the Stop the Quarry action group last week is a win.


But be prepared for more to come.

Boral has a lot at stake in digging a great, big, ugly hole in the middle of natural habitats and a residential area.

But so do Gold Coasters.

If Boral follow the example of other cashed up corporate big shots who don’t care when they are not wanted, they will use their massive resources to fight the council decision.

Some councillors are convinced they will either lobby the state government to ‘call in’ the development plans or go all the way with an appeal to the planning and environment court.

Which means, ratepayers will be slapped with huge legal bills, money which could be used to fix up roads or build play grounds for poor little children who need to go outside more to exercise because they are all getting obese and spending too much time watching television and playing computer games.

So the Gold Coast’s child obesity problems will be Boral’s fault.

Apparently the state government has refused to intervene – no political party wants to get a nice big potential corporate donor offside.

But according to a precedent the government has already set for getting the cruise ship terminal and Broadwater development up, they should.

For that controversial development the state government demanded the council proved locals wanted it.

Well, the council can certainly prove residents don’t want this quarry.

Boral said they would consider a response to the council’s decision.

But even if Boral takes the route of trying to fight it in the planning and environment court, the government should still call it in and save everyone a great deal of money.

Deputy Premier Jeff ‘the plane, the plane’ Seeney just has to tick the ‘development application denied’ box and send Boral on to somewhere where they need big holes dug.

I have a few suggestions if they want to contact me.

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