Border bubble confusion as Tweed postcode excluded

Authorities have moved to clarify exactly who is included in the Gold Coast-Tweed travel bubble following mass confusion among residents, particularly on the New South Wales side of the border.

Queensland Health published a map of border communities on its website on Friday highlighting eligible postcodes.

That included the postcode 2483, which is shared by several towns in the Tweed Shire, as well as the Byron Shire including Brunswick Heads.


But a new map has since been published which excludes the 2483 postcode.

Tweed Shire Councillor James Owen wrote to the State Government calling for urgent clarity on the matter.

“As you would be aware, the postcode 2483 takes in the Tweed Shire communities of Burringbar, Crabbes Creek, Mooball, Sleepy Hollow and Wooyung,” Councillor Owen said.

“Not including these communities in the ‘border bubble’ effectively splits the Tweed Shire and as such I urge you to act quickly and announce the confirmation of their inclusion.”

“Whilst I appreciate that Queensland border restrictions are a decision for the Queensland government, proactive communication on developments such as these would lessen the concern and confusion that
the ever-changing situation is causing Tweed Shire residents.”

The new border bubble map excludes postcode 2483 |Image: Queensland Health


Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler has assured those on the Tweed side of the 2483 postcode that they are part of the travel bubble, but those in Brunswick Heads are not.

“It’s unfortunate those people may have believed they were included but if you go online now that is the map you are allowed to follow,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“Look there has to be a line somewhere, the Byron Bay Shire was deliberately excluded from the border zone and that’s the decision that’s been made by the Chief Health Officer.”

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says they are reviewing communities across the Queensland-New South Wales border to see if others need to be included.

“We’re looking at every single postcode along the border to just look at if there are any others that would make sense being in or not being in,” Dr Young said.

“We’re just working that through now so that we have that sorted for Monday.”

Dr Young has also confirmed she has provided an exemption for school students who live outside the bubble but travel into Queensland for school.

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Please add back 2483 🙏

I left work on the Gold Coast to return home for the weekend in 2483 based on the map which was published on Friday the 7th of August. The following Saturday morning I went on-line to apply for a new permit and was shocked to find my address was denied. Now I’m facing the implications of not being able to return to work on Monday….

Me too! Its so frustrating. Doesnt look like its going to change from everything ive read – unfortunately

We’ve been knocked back in Burringbar. Spoke to hotline and was told the only way for me to get into Queensland is to fly in!!!!

To Matt McDonald, its stated in your article that Chief Superientant Mark Wheeler has assured Tweed residents from 2483 will be able to cross the border but not those in Brunswick Heads
Can you please clarity as this is not the case. Thank you

I live in Ocean Shores and work as an aircraft engineer, after months without work I finally picked up work I’m Alice Springs. Instead of flying direct from Brisbane I now need to fly from Ballina to Sydney Sydney to Adelaide (provided SA will grant me entry being from NSW) over night in Adelaide then fly to Alice. Crazy!!

So, who is the mastermind behind this? You’d think it would’ve been prudent to label those notable sites in the bubble and reveal the postcodes adjacent and their notable sites. Perhaps even give a reason for the discrimination.

Why not incorporate 2469 in the bubble? WHY block the Bruxner Highway? I haven’t seen hot spot alerts for same.


I don’t think anyone really reads this discussion, nor does it have any impact on the “powers that be”.

All the same it’s out there.