Border bubble expanded as Qld records no new COVID cases

DOZENS of post codes in northern New South Wales will be added to Queensland’s ‘border bubble’ as the Sunshine State records no new cases of COVID-19.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed residents of the Byron Shire, Ballina, Lismore, the Richmond Valley and Glen Innes council areas will be added to the bubble from 1am on October 1.

The northern border bubble line will also be removed allowing freer travel to those areas for anyone in Queensland.


“Residents will be able to apply for a border pass and then they will be able to freely travel around Queensland,” the Premier said.

“Queenslanders will also be able to travel there as well.

“I think this is a great effort to consider how we can make our border zones more effective but also to looking at these areas have a lot in common with Queensland.

“They usually do a lot of their business in Queensland so we believe that this is the right measure to take and we have also been in contact with the New South Wales authorities to advise them of this today as well.”

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said the COVID situation on the NSW north coast was looking promising.

“We’ve not seen any cases along those border areas for quite some time and we have also not seen cases north of Sydney for quite a while. So it’s quite safe to open up those areas,” Dr Young said.

“We know that people who live along that border actually have a lot more to do with Queensland than they do with New South Wales and we know the difficulties it’s caused those communities.”

Dr Young said there were still cases of concern in NSW, so the rest of the state will still remain a declared hot spot.

“They (NSW) haven’t had any community transmission cases since the 8th of September,” Dr Young said.

“We’re still looking at the most recent case with the taxi driver just to see what happens there.

“We know from NSW where he acquired it but we just need to find out whether, while he was in the community, spread [the virus].

“We’re not 28 days free yet so we’ll have to just wait.”

Queensland is preparing to welcome ACT travellers back on Friday but only to Canberrans who arrive by plan. Anyone coming from from NSW via the ACT will have to wait 14 days before being allowed to fly.

The Sunshine State has just 16 active cases after recording no new infections in the last 24 hours.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said things were looking promising for the Greater Brisbane area to have restrictions on gatherings, aged care homes and hospitals lifted in the coming days.

“If we have two further days of no community transmission that will bring us to 14 days since that last case was thought to be infectious in the community,” the Deputy Premier said.

“This is the point at which the Chief Health Officer will be able to consider those restrictions that still apply throughout the Brisbane, Metropolitan and west Moreton Hospital and Health Service districts.

“This is all as a result of the fantastic work of Queenslanders as well as the very low number of cases in northern New South Wales meaning that we can safely make these adjustments.”

Premier Palaszczuk also confirmed the state was working with businesses and the community to consider what other restrictions could be eased across Queensland at the end of the month but she refused to comment on exactly what that might include.

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Does this mean that NSW ‘Bubble Residents’, can now travel to Brisbane?

Pretty sure that’s what it says, NSW border zone residents can go anywhere in QLD from Oct 1

I have been staying in Tamworth since 19 August waiting to drive through to my new home in Bracken Rudge. Is Tamworth in the Glen Innes local area? If not a resident but sitting here in my caravan after selling house in ACT I have not been near a Covid area but still stuck.

If you are moving to live in Qld you can apply for an exemption to enter but will still have to quarantine

No, Tamworth isn’t in the Glen Innes region sorry…I’m 40min south of Glen Innes where no cases of Covid have EVER been recorded the whole time and we’ve missed out. 😡

Can NSW residents in the bubble travel anywhere in QLD or just the bubble. Does anyone know.

Bit of common sense coming out of the QLD government, actually in a state of shock

Will Qld residents need a border pass after travelling in the nsw bubble when returning back to qld ?

would say so they do now.

I was wandering the same I live in Qld and want to go to NSW and back to Qld do I need to quarantine

If you say in border bubble in NSW side you don’t have to quarantine but still need permit. If you go outside if border bubble you will
need to quarantine

How about a freakin map and rules that a grade 3er would understand.
If you had explained it right, there wouldn’t be all these questions.

So I am presuming this means family from Qld can visit Ruby Creek on the border near Stanthorpe?

Hi me again -,Ruby Creek is actually in Tenterfield shire which is on the border & much closer to Qld than Glen Innes

Hi Lorraine. I live in Ruby Creek and want to travel to Brisbane to see family. As you would know, Ruby Creek is only 2km from the border but Tenterfield is a very large LGA. I just glimpsed a border map diagram on ABC News just now and it didn’t look like Tenterfield is in the updated bubble. I hope I’m wrong – it makes no sense because, as you say, Ruby Creek is much closer than Glen Innes. Fingers crossed for both of us! 🤞

Confirmed tenterield still in border bubble, updates only mentioned new areas

In Ballina Shire can we go to Brisbane or Noosa

I notice part of the 2390 postcode area is now included in the bubble. Does this include Narrabri?

Can I travel to Yamba nsw from Brisbane atm?

Some of us are Qld residents and we are working on the QLD / NSW power grid upgrade which is essential to both States. We work in an isolated working crew with strict Covid plans. Why would we not be considered essential to QLD because the work site is in NSW yet previously we were? There is no consideration in the current legislation released for Qld’ers doing essential work that provides essential services such as power to Qld. Is this going to be looked at?