Border closures to dominate National Cabinet meeting

The drama surrounding the border closures is expected to be a key issue at today’s National Cabinet meeting.

Queensland is expected to cop the brunt of the questioning, despite Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory all having closures in place.

The Prime Minister has written to our Premier – as well as other state leaders – urging them to rethink their stance on some of the restrictions.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed earlier this week that she had received the letter, but it seems her state continues to get singled out.

“Tasmania has their borders closes, South Australia has strict border closures, and so does Western Australia, and Queensland is no different, so perhaps he needs to direct his comments at other states as well.

“It seems to be that Queensland likes to be singled out,” the Premier said on Wednesday.

It echoes calls from the business and agriculture sectors — who want a clear and consistent set of rules.

While Qantas CEO Allan Joyce said yesterday that the airlines would really like a national guideline on the matter, so they can better plan their recovery.

But he also singled out Queensland’s closures in particular, as being damaging for businesses.

“It feels like there’s no real base decisions, it’s just there to inform maybe the politics, and we think that will eventually cost jobs and businesses, particularly a lot of the small businesses in Queensland, to go out of business,” Mr Joyce said yesterday.