Border delays build as motorists return home from holidays

Motorists are being warned of worsening delays at the border crossings this afternoon, as people return home from the long weekend and school holidays.

Police are preparing for lengthy queues this afternoon, especially after border zone restrictions were changed last Thursday.

Five more areas of northern New South Wales were added to the border zone, with many Queenslanders also able to duck over the border down to Byron Bay and Ballina.


As everyone returns home from either their long weekend or the school holidays, motorists are being warned it will take longer than usual to get through the checkpoints.

“It will be a little bit inconvenient, there will be some pain on the roads – so people will need to plan ahead,” Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told The Today Show this morning.

“And more importantly people will need to apply for an X-pass.

“Whether you’re a Queenslander or someone from New South Wales who’s a resident of the border zone, that’s the pass that you need and you need to display it when you come through.

“Or you need to have it ready to go on your phone when you come through the checkpoint,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

At the time of writing, 40 minute delays were already being experienced on the M1.

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