Border delays build as new restrictions come into effect

The Queensland border crossing is taking longer again today, as new restrictions come into place.

From 1.00am, the New South Wales suburb of Fairfield was officially added to our hot spot list, meaning border declaration passes had to be officially changed.

Hot spots now include Fairfield, Liverpool and Campbelltown in New South Wales and the whole of Victoria.


Queensland police yesterday reminded regular border crosses to update their passes in time for this morning’s commute.

But locals were left frustrated, when the government’s border pass website crashed for around four hours on Sunday.

There are slightly longer hold ups at the checkpoints through Coolangatta/Tweed this morning, with police having to stop and check more vehicles.

Regular commuters told myGC there were 20 minute delays around 6.00am, at which it’s usually smooth sailing.

Any non-Queenslander who’s recently been to the NSW suburb of Fairfield will now be denied entry to the state, while any Queenslanders returning to the state who’ve been there will be made to go into mandatory hotel quarantine at their own cost.

For more information or to update your border pass, click here.