Border passes return as QLD tightens rules

Anyone crossing into Queensland from New South Wales will now need a border declaration pass to enter the state with the system reinstated overnight.

But checkpoints at road borders will not be returning at this stage.

All returning Queensland residents who have been anywhere in New South Wales will also be required to have a border pass.


It comes as tougher restrictions were announced on Saturday in response to the growing COVID outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Residents from Sydney’s northern beaches will have to apply for an exemption to enter Queensland and, if granted, go into hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Queensland residents returning from the northern beaches will also be forced to enter hotel quarantine.

Anyone arriving from Greater Sydney or the Central Coast will be asked to have a COVID test on arrival and self-quarantine until they receive their results.

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While checkpoints won’t be in place, motorists crossing the border are still asked to display their border pass on their windscreen.

“We won’t have barriers up at the borders but what we will be doing is putting electronic signs up that let everyone know they need to have a border pass and the Police will be doing random audits and checks as people come across the borders,” Health Minister Yvette D’ath said.

Police have warned people risk a $4003 fine for providing false information on their border pass.

The latest border pass will be valid for 14 days and is available at

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Just answer No, No, No on the border pass and your good to go QLD!
Thousands crossing the border daily, random checks will only catch a few.
Believing the thousands who have paid for QLD holidays will all be honest is a joke.
Lockdowns for New year is the bet.

Just answer No, No, No on the border pass and your good to go for QLD.
Believing holiday makers will be honest is a joke.

Queensland and their border passes… pffft!!! That horrible, disgraceful “Queensland hospitals are for Queensland people” Woman refuses to find a permanent border pass SOLUTION for cross-border residents. I live in Tweed 30 years (and my family and I don’t frigging go anywhere the last 30 years!!) and am so over her 17 changes to border passes the past 8 months. I am NOT driving to Robina or Pacific Fair to shop anymore. I’m only shopping in Tweed now. Queensland can stick it!

Oh you daffy woman. Does your issue stem from an inconvenience to your shopping habits? If so get back in your box and consider others outside your immediate circle for the first time in your life. You certainly sound like you are from Tweed. I lived there for 22 years until 2 months ago. We moved far into QLD because we could no longer contend with the ignorance and racism of people like you in the area and we desperately wanted to feel cared for by our government. You are only repeating the outrage that outlets such as Newscorp feed you. If that is the narrow world you choose to stay in, then strap that feed bag to yourself a little tighter and stay in it and keep your opinions to yourself because you are deadly wrong, ignorant and selfish. Tweed is a low socioeconomic area and it is reflected in the opinions of it’s middle age and elderly residents.
Just one last thing, average out the 17 changes to the border passes in 8 months (not sure if this is correct, just using the information you provided) simple division, is only 2.125 changes per month. In this rapidly changing world, the terms of service for some of the online platforms you use change more often than that. Get a grip.

@Allison My God are you for real… the inconvenience comes from Tweed residents trying to support GC businesses… how can you be so ignorant to a Local’s only border pass… some Queensland people really surprise me how daft they are. So I won’t support GC cafes anymore, I won’t support GC at all anymore because that Woman does not even want to find a SOLUTION for locals. Her job is to find SOLUTIONS!! How is that so hard for some Queenslanders to understand?? Queensland backwards as usual, never moving forward. Who puts a checkpoint in Griffith Street, Coolangatta and divides a border town shopping precinct in half?? Oh… wait Queensland Labor politician would do that!! Great for Coolangatta business!! Brainless!!

No @70’sBeachGal, are you for real?
For starters you didn’t correctly read what I wrote. I said, I lived in Tweed for 22 years, NSW not Queensland. If you must know specifics to dig your hole a little further, I lived in Tweed Heads, Banora Point and Terranora. Over those 22 years.
Your misplaced outrage is all about shopping and your social life. I believe that locals should be able to cross into Coolangatta, but people have to be honest in order for that to work. It’s too late now.
You are well passed your prime and stuck in your ways. If you were lucky enough to have children you should ask them to help you understand why what you are saying is 100% wrong. They are probably more up with how the world works than you are. But then again ignorance breeds ignorance. You stay home and out of Coolangatta. Businesses don’t want to be supported by people as fickle as yourself. So easily swayed and outraged. So happy to abandon a small business because of a government decision. I have met 1000 of you in my 22 years in that area. I bet you are a Jan, Helen or a Karen. You change your mind and fire off your mouth based on a headline without putting any of your own thought in to it.
Attack me for being a Labor voter? Are you serious? You have no idea. All I said was that I wanted to feel cared for by my government. If only Labor governments are seen to do that then God help us all. Old corrupt Gladys is not capable of that as proven time and time again prior to the pandemic. She only cares about Sydney and if you think that she gives a brass wazoo about the Northern Rivers, you a severely mistaken.

Oh get off! My family has 2 businesses on the GC, the struggle has been beyond real. You go stay safe now in your confined border zone with a commo Qld Government… trolling around here on people’s online feedback, stupid. I am NOT sitting in frigging 2 hour traffic anymore to drive for what would normally take me 20 or 35 minutes because that horrible Woman can’t be bothered to find a SOLUTION for cross-border residents to support the GC economy… incompetence! I feel sorry for ALL of the frustrated local workers BOTH SIDES OF THE BIG PHANTOM BORDER with blood pressure boiling sitting in unnecessary stop traffic. It could be handled better with a bright SOLUTION. Gees grow up and stop defending blanket incompetence!

Ooohhh @70’sBeachGal, did I hit a nerve with some common sense? Your issue is with the wait in traffic now? Maybe if so many people weren’t so keen to leave NSW for greener and as you say safe confined border zone pastures then you wouldn’t be sitting in said traffic.
It’s not incompetence, it’s what a sensible government does for its citizens and in particular the vulnerable citizens.
Don’t like it? Don’t cross the border. The only person you are aggravating is yourself by trying.
By your logic MyGC is only for people who live on the GC? You assume I live outside that zone? You live in Tweed, what are you doing here? Stay in Tweed and stop complainin. You don’tneed to go to Robina or PacificFair. You said yourself that you haven’t left in 30 years. Maybe that is your problem?

It always has been about the unnecessary traffic burdened on locals, everybody is complaining about it… even Queenslanders. What greener pastures… ok…. hahaha!! If you really lived in Terranora… in the right luxury acreage lotted street, you wouldn’t be saying that and you wouldn’t have left Tweed. Best wishes and peace to you.

We don’t f… needc***croaches in our state anywhere….tweed heads is fu…k heads u

Get a life..women ….stop just thinking me me me reality check chippy ti..s

Pffft ! We wont miss you or your attitude

You arrogant b**** .. Yiu can shove NSW/Tweed Heads up your a***

So what happens if you make it to the border by 1am Tuesday who will be checking the time, or will the traffic be backed up for 3 hrs to get across then will you be forced into lockdown at a hotel pretty confused?

we in inala Qld want to go to iluka, nsw holiday from 21/12 to 24/12, do we need a pass to cross border?

Do we need a border pass to go into the New England area from Queensland?
How long before we return to Queensland from the New England area do we need to apply for the permit?