Border residents warned to prepare to swap sides ahead of further restrictions

Those living on the Queensland and New South Wales border are being warned to prepare for a full scale border lock down, and to put plans in place now.

It comes after New South Wales and the ACT were added to our list of hotspots over the weekend – banning them from coming north.

A border bubble has been put into place, for residents on either side that have to cross for work or other essential services.


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On Monday, health authorities urged those living in either the Tweed region or the Gold Coast region to start planning in case the border has to close further.

“I think every single person who lives in one of those border communities, in either Queensland or New South Wales, needs to think ‘what will I do, what will my family do?’ if the border becomes closed because there are cases spreading north from Sydney,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said.

“At the moment the most northern cases are in Newcastle, and we’re keeping a very close eye on whether there are cases coming further north – and they will because there is free movement within New South Wales,” she added.

Further lockdown measures at the border would mean chaos for the Coolangatta/Tweed community, which has already struggled to deal with changing restrictions at checkpoints over the last few months.

But current exemptions wouldn’t be granted under a full scale lockdown, forcing locals to rethink work arrangements, school arrangements, and in extreme cases living arrangements.

Doctor Young says she’s already heard of some great examples of locals adapting to the current ban on NSW and ACT residents, and encourages more people to consider what would come next.

“I’ve already seen great examples of where people have managed it, they’ve swapped their lives.

“So at the moment, they live one side work the other, and a friend does the opposite, they’re now moving so they can remain in one or the other,” Doctor Young said.

“So it is really important that all those people who live along our border, whether in Queensland or in New South Wales – think ‘what is the next step’.

“If we have to close the border to everyone in New South Wales, so that there are no exemptions for people who live in those border zones who work or go to school in Queensland, if we have to close, then what will people do?” she said.

Related article: Aged care restrictions eased as Qld dodges major outbreak

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Prepare? You mean join the unemployment line, FML

You got it 👍

Will they eliminate the border bubble?

Hopefully yes – we don’t want a 2nd wave

I am guessing you are retired John so you don’t need to worry about mortgages, a business, employees who rely on your business etc If you are scared stay at home, the rest of us have lives to live. It is a disgrace that people will lay down their fundamental rights so easily for the “perception” of safety…. all the hospitals are EMPTY, there is no PANDEMIC…. Wake Up!

You have got to be kidding, they cannot close it to everyone as people live, work, attend school and care for people on both side of the border, in the case of caring for elderly who live alone, this will result in many deaths.

Why doesn’t she just go swap her life then and see how easy it will be!

Talk about an idiotic idea, swapping lives because Qld keeps having knee j*** reactions and changing the rules every 5 minutes with no consideration for the people living the nightmare every day. So much for being part of one country.

So what will they say to cancer patients going to John Flynn or Southport Hospitals for treatment? Wait until the new Tweed hospital is built and try not to die in the meantime?

Allen, there is apparently no illness in existence that is more serious than COVID19. Or so we are lead to believe by the media. The movie Richard Jewell is a prime example of how powerful the media is, and the influence they have to force governments to act just to save face or as a measure of duty of care.

Apparently the ones living in northern nsw aren’t able to go to Brisbane for treatment which is disgusting, no exemptions 😪

Yes, it’s inhumane!

This is absolutely idiotic, I live one street from border in NSW and require to attend medical appointments in QLD some of which are walking distance from my apartment and work in NSW there has to be a way there can be exemptions on medical treatment, for the sake of our health and well-being.

It is not about Health and Well being, the actions taken clearly indicate otherwise.

currently you can travel between the bubble for any reason, perhaps chill and if totally necessary work and medical only, but this measure is what because you can’t trust how far north nsw resident will go or how far a south a qld resident will go? isn’t this the job of those at checkpoints to determine risk ?

Apparently not… 6 cops required at one lil checkpoint between QLD / NSW. One stands there waving a wand, the other 5 sit next to each other ignoring social distancing rules themselves playing on their phones while getting paid by the taxpayers. You’d think the idiots can do their jobs but they can’t

If you think you can do a better job wking long shifts being absued by the public stopping risks crossing then i suggest you do so as you only see a glimpse when driving through walk a mile in the other persons shoes…..society is so judgemental….

Can they not just change where the border patrol position is so that then they can ensure no-one further then where the current hotspots are can actually enter at all and then the residents between those patrols don’t have to deal with this bulls***.

Too much common sense Jess c

How about you and the premier prepare to lose half your wage to put towards Upheaval expenses dropped upon people living On the border?
In fact how about you give up your home for a border family who have lost theirs and their business because of your knee j*** reaction

Half? cut the pay off completely. Then and only then, we will see any sort of common sense policies coming out, when they can’t feed their kids.

Time to lock them out – Queenslanders for Queenslanders.

Tweed residents should apply for a permanent resident visa to leave and work in Queensland or how about you migrate to Queensland and become a Queenslander????

It’s quite simple we need to protect Queenslanders!!!

Sorry New South Welshman but Queensland citizens come first!!!

You are an abhorrent, ignorant, red neck John Smith

Omg how narrow minded
And I’m a Queenslander
Look what she is doing divide and conquer
This is all political wake up
And believe it or not you can’t just swap your life with someone else
It sounds like a fairytale
So many families will be disadvantaged
And suffer hardship if this does happen
Just the stress alone thinking it might happen is bad enough
I hope Anna and her medical advices
Are proud of them selfs

Hi John, as COVID19 is now the number 1 priority of the country, you as I assume are over 50 years of age due to your narrow minded brainwashed way of thinking. Your arthritis, your heart problems, your safety and security in your home will have to take a back seat until this not so deadly virus that is supposed to kill 150,000 Australian’s has been dealt with. I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK SIR!

Sorry John, not all of us are retired and can just easily make a decision like that, you know some of us have invested 100’s of thousands of dollars into businesses in NSW but happen to live in Southern QLD. You do realise there’s a connection between your pension and the tax dollars I pay, and the staff on my payroll pay. Not everyone “has a job” they can just change like magic.

I do believe most of Queensland cases are from actual people who live in QLD. Travelling to known hotspots and think they are exempt from the process at the border because they hold a qld licence or permanent qld address. I was born and raised as a queenslanders, only move to nsw this year but to blame new south Wales residents for queenslanders stupidity and selfishness and be willing to risk others queenslanders lives for their own social enjoyment is just ridiculous and idiotic. How about the premier be alot more stricter to her travelling and returning queenslanders?

oh look a fan of men playing hug the guy with the ball.

This is australia not some tribe mentality bs keep that for your little game.

No this is Queensland and of you don’t like then leave and go back to where you came from.

Check your history States come before Federation.

Why don’t you go back to school John Smith and learn how to make a sentence. Stupid comment.

I’m pretty sure when we voted and elected the people to represent our state. We did not vote that you have complete control over these kind of decisions. Think if you keep trying to take this kind of control people will come together and make a stand. Thought we are all in this together! How about take some control of the rogue infected people. Instead of the people who are trying to work and and make the best of the situation. What about the fact that some families work in both states and if you shut the border you are splitting up families or stopping essential workers from working. With borders closing indefinitely families could be separated for months on end. Sounds like growing suicide rates to me!
Divided is not the solution to this!

I disagree – this is about saving lives

Queenslanders come first – my tax paying money to the Queensland Govt needs to go to Queenslanders not New South Wales residents who are not Queenslanders.

Our state is COVID free and we need to shut off the threat of the virus to protect Queensland citizens

Stop watching channel 7,9,10…. IF this was ACTUALLY a pandemic, hospitals would be FULL, but they’re EMPTY. You are brainwashed by TV you fool.

Billy, it really is a pandemic. Did you know that they have penciled in some of our sports stadiums for use as field hospitals if it all goes too pear-shaped? And that caterers are organised if it happens? It’s just by luck and mostly sensible, intelligent people following medical guidelines that we are not at those huge numbers. If we had not had restrictions put in place we would be in the USA’s position.

John Smith… enjoy your Labor Government control who are in bed with China… you sound like you would fit right in with communist control. Shame on you and your unAustralian comments. And when it comes to our Twin Towns border communities, you don’t know what you are talking about. Shame on you, you are hurting your own fellow Queenslanders who work in NSW too with your comments.

Australians Come first John this isn’t state of origin bulls***.
this country doesn’t function like the football field you can go on and on about Queenslanders.

like that means anything beyond place of residency you live in Australia you’re a Australian even if a poor example of the typical banana brain Queensland Resident “too much sun to much football”

Federation of Australia google it ya muppet.

This is total madness…..where would we all live……who is going to pay for moving breaking lease etc…..the s*** fight this will cause is more problems….more people out of work… thousands of us go cross border for work

We should closed off this loophole to NSW borders residents long ago – why are we letting any potentially virus infected NSW residents into our state????

Our government should be protecting Queenslanders first!!!!

Queensland for Queenslanders!!!

John Smith is a d***head

My God you sound so scared and weak.Get over yourself.

Well we don’t want you here in Northern NSW anyway – tell your obnoxious Gold Coast surfers and beach goers to stay in your state.

This comment is disgusting and what if we all start to abuse and vilify Queensland Number plates on our NSW roads?

Our states economy and government has more power and resources than QLD.

Keep your border shut – our Gladys should be shutting them border on our side too.

NSW for New South Wales residents

The virus is invisible,it doesn’t care there’s a road block and what if it came across on an insect or a bird ? Then what you gonna do shoot all birds and insects to stop the spread ?. And I agree with the other guy its not State of Origin and we don’t hate our fellow Aussies. We’ve been through some good times and s*** times together as one country but we don’t stab them in the back because some so called expert sitting on her throne says they’re a risk and to lock them out. Damn socialist mentality..

Stop coming over the border into nsw. You come here to visit our beaches etc and go back again are you all immune to taking covid back?

Considering that every case in in Qld is not from nsw visitors but moronic kids from qld lying and partying with no regard for the people of any state. I would say that your people are not putting qld first and the border towns should not have to suffer for their stupidity

Would you rather we kept it open and ended up like nsw or vic? Those of us that have only just got our lives back to somewhat normality after shutting businesses down and being stood down would rather be safe then sorry and shut the border. Two sides to every story.

Strange comment since a majority of the traffic here in Tweed has been QLD number plates. Tweed Centro and Tweed City shopping centres are loaded with QLD shoppers and not to mention the cars with boats all loaded into car parks at our boat ramps.
Tweed Shire has done an exemplary job at keeping the virus away especially when all the Victorians were queued to get into QLD when the border was supposed to open early July.
A little bit of kudos should go to your immediate southern neighbours for doing a large part in keeping your QLD safe.

Half of Tweed Shire’s Queensland plates are on the cars of people who live permanently in NSW (the ol’ cheap rego rort). Don’t think they’re a Queenslander just because they have Queensland plates!

Yep I’m a qlder and can verify that cause I work down there and most cars re-entering at the border are qld number plates and I see a lot of boats and campers down there on leisure .
Kingscliff, Byron Bay ,Hastings Point are popular weekend getaways for qlders too.. So who knows who’s spreading what to who.. Blaming NSW is ridiculous

Exactly – some of the retoric on here is one of the social consequences of hard border closures.

It starts to tear fabric of what makes Australia great – we are supposed to be on united country.

The Queensland premier is simply creating Division

This is like the Berlin Wall again and the threats from this Woman are not going down too well with me at this time. I have Family on both sides of the Border and now have been cut off from them all even how they have done these restrictions. I would not be the only one in this situation. It is inhumane. And

Last edited 10 months ago by Jan Milne

They should have put a wall around Sydney and Melbourne instead of making border communities pay the price for this whole mess! But as usual everyone else suffers for the city folk!

Close the borders completely The X pass hasn’t changed nothing people can still get a cross

What about those who own businesses on one side and live on the other. Should we sell our assets worth 100’s of thousands of dollars that are mortgaged because all the covidiots want more safety? I hope your pension gets cut off you c***.

At the end of the day you either LIVE in NSW or LIVE in QLD.
If the border is closed you need to make up your mind.

Believe it or not, some people
LIVE in NSW and
Some even
WORK in NSW and

Tweed/Coolangatta are very entwined and cannot just have line drawn down the middle and have it shut completely

I see so many qld plated cars in my region (Byron) well south of the bubble still, in the shopping centre carparks and beach carparks, this seems to reinforce that the biggest covid risk to qld is qldrs.

A lot of those are probably people chasing cheap rego with Qld plates!


What the hell. Looks like we have dictators running the damn country.. I can’t believe Australian leaders are treating their own citizens this way. It’s not that easy for people to just make arrangements to move across the line in case they get locked in or out ,it cost a lot of money to split accommodation costs, family responsibilities and businesses. People don’t have money tree’s growing in the backyard unlike the over payed self promoting politicians They’re closing the border to something that is invisible, all viruses are invisible, you wouldn’t know if it crossed the border on a fly or a human being or just blown across the road in the wind.. What next ? gas chambers for those who may have brought it across? Come on, really just because they are in NSW doesn’t mean they will spread any virus just because Sydney is their major city. Treating them like outcasts is not the Australian way. The governments already have the army standing the at check points like they’re supposed to go war with their own citizens.Thought that only happens in communist countries not Australia.
Come on this has to STOP

I feel like some people have lost the plot!!!!

Fear is getting to us and we can’t let fear of the virus divide us as a country

Absolutely, the Qld Labor Premier playing the fear card virus horror show for votes to people with personalities that are so, so scared of the virus. My God, do people forget tiny little babies, kids and teenagers die every single day from severe asthma attacks… because they can’t breathe!!! Kids die from excruciating cancers every day… my God how they would suffer poor babies!! How can adult people be so scared of a virus when there are measures to protect yourself by separating, staying home and being clean. These Queensland people surprise me how scared they are.

Why can’t they move the border down into NSW a little bit, that way all of tweed Shire would be inside the check point, it would be way less messy. Or why don’t they have check points at both ends of the border bubble? Not just on the actual border, where it’s a nightmare for all of us. If this border bubble is going the work they need check points at either end of the bubble also to stop people from leaving the bubble. NSW and QLD gov really need to work together on this for it to work, otherwise it’s not going to work and we will all be alot worse off if they fully closed the board again. 😭

Prepare? So should I sell my house in QLD or just sell my business in Tweed, This is nonsense. How can I just “prepare”.

Last edited 10 months ago by Art

Bureaucratic madness, she has no idea on Twin Towns communities, let alone Tweed/Gold Coast communities. To put a policed border Tent on Griffith Street… smack bang in the middle of a shopping community says it all. The Qld Police are lovely though, and I feel for them with the big Griffith Street phantom border madness. Qld Labor Government should be ashamed of themselves for dividing our wonderfully natural and peaceful communities.Coolangatta will become a ghost town without Tweed residents and they know it too.


Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, anyone who believes the CHO’s mission for virus elimination is delusional. Be prepared Qld, keep following your current guidelines when the virus hits (and it will), the result will a basketcase like victoria. Wait and see.

we have all suffered in one way or another i lost my mum and had to rush her funneral as the boarder was closing no wake or long goodbye with my family who instidentally live in Tweed and northern nsw i understand why it closed and as long as my family stays safe and healthy is all that concerns me, it is a serious spreading disease and a lot of people dont believe it….they are fools

So it’s only gone as far as Newcastle there is two cases in Lismore at this present moment and the don’t know where the transmission come from so there will be few more cases around Lismore area close the border people will not travel up here to be turned around they could have an a travel bubble people stay in Tweed Gold Coast residents visit them in Tweed Heads if people live in Tweed Heads want to go to the Gold Coast move their my daughter has type 1 diabetes her doctors and pediatrician diabetes educator had to quarantine in Byron Bay because Queensland class that as a hotspot they could not come back to Tweed Heads my daughter’s health meant more to me then going to the Gold Coast

We live in Tweed Heads we should not have to live by Queensland rules my daughter’s doctor should not be stuck in Byron Bay it’s not like she can go to the Gold Coast and get any help close the border people are travelling backwards and forwards from Byron Bay casino Lismore anyone to ain’t our health care workers

Will you put millmerran in the bubble they have ones that live on the other side of the border that work there trying to support there loved ones?

Yes I think they should close the border yeah well never stop people from lying on the decorations to make their way across the border then we have the problem with the doctors car come back from Byron Bay Lismore to Tweed Heads I say close the border and be done with it

The insane thing is that the “virus” will be around for years. Get over it and open everything up. Switzerland, Sweden etc. good examples. Fear is driving everyone: 99% of people will not die. Elderly might die but so they do during a normal flu season. Death rate is lower this year so far compared to last few years. Now PM has announced vaccine will be mandatory to avoid a future situation he and his Public Health spokespeople have totally stuffed up.