Borders to stay closed despite good behaviour from Queenslanders

Queenslanders have been commended for their behaviour over the weekend, though we’re being warned that we’re still not close to opening the border.

Queensland Police handed out just 19 infringement notices across the state, in relation to a couple of parties.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski told The Today Show that the majority of us did the right thing.


“We’re very pleased with how things went over the weekend.

“In all of Queensland we’ve only seen 19 tickets issued for people not doing the right thing.

“So there are still a few out there who aren’t paying attention to the warnings we’re giving, but overall the behaviour of our community was excellent.

“I guess there are some thinking it’s time to relax, it’s definitely not that.

“We’re in a really good space now because of what the community’s done with us. It’s not the time to relax, we’ve got to keep going,” Mr Gollschewski said.

However, despite our efforts in containing the spread, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told the ABC it could still be many months before our borders are opened.

“As soon as my Chief Health Officer says that I can relax those restrictions, we absolutely will.

“We want to welcome as many people to the sunshine state as possible where it’s beautiful one day and perfect the next.

“But of course we just cant do that at the moment. We’ll review that at the end of each month and we do know that there’s school holidays approaching as well.

“We know that people want certainty, they want to come to Queensland, it’s a safe place to be, and of course our tourism operators are absolutely looking forward to welcoming people back.

“They have been probably one of the hardest hit sectors, with one in ten jobs in Queensland in the tourism sector,” the Premier said.

The state government reviews the border closure at the end of every month, with the Premier completely reliant on the advice from Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young.

“I have to get the advice of the Chief Health Officer, but I’d say that things would look more positive towards September.

“Having said that I don’t want to rule anything out, I will give you that advice at the end of May as quickly as possible.

“It’s about the community transmission, based on the expert advice,” the Premier told the ABC.

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If you need to cross the boarder for family matters who do you ask to get permission.

Service Qld

So the fear mongering continues

read between the lines ????to the Premier

Living on da Boarder is hard when your next northern town is coolangatta.
As a family we do a lot of stuff over the Boarder including sports and shopping

We got holidays booked for July up at calaundra sunshine coast.were hoping the boarder will be open

Corona Virus is still popping up, in all states we need to have zero out breaks for at least a month. Or it will keep spreading, then everything will get closed again. If Victoria and NSW are happy opening their borders so be it. Qld on the other hand needs to stay closed, this virus hasn’t reached certain parts of Qld where our vulnerabe indigenous people live. Our Region is virus free at last.

Open the border it’s just getting so stupid now that everyone is over it.and the Queensland government making excuses after excuses.they have no idea what there talking about .she doesn’t own Tweed heads

Open the borders now stupid Queensland premier just keeps making excuses

Question, i have a cousin who lives in the south Brisbane area and is pla ing to catch the train down to Maitland nsw to visit me and my mum for a few days, the big question is, can he return to Queensland after his visit?? Can someone please let me know, he is disabled and doesnt fully understand a lot about some things, so we need to explain to him the chance he may not be able to return home if he comes down to visit if qld wont open boarders… Thanks

The train is not running in Qld, it’s only running from Tweed Heads to Sydney, my girlfriend can’t get home to NSW because she can’t get across the border by public transport. All buses cancelled.

Im wondering would that be the same in july? My cousin is looking forward to coming down but only travels by bus or train, so basically what i understand is, no one can go in or out at the border?? we will have to break the news to him gently and say he should cancel his plans and stay at home..

I’m stuck in WA for fifo work and havent seen my 8 yr old son since 22nd do you think we bloody prisoners! the damn borders so we can get home to our family

I have a house in QLD and a house in Victoria. We use both houses during the year..we want to get to our QLD house by road. Do we qualify for a residents permit?

I live between my caravan located at Tweed Heads & my elderly mothers place at Currumbin. Can I travel between these 2 places & stay