Borobi back on the Gold Coast

Borobi, the big blue Koala that was a family favourite of the GC2018 Commonwealth Games, has returned to the Gold Coast with a new outfit.

Mayor Tom Tate wore matching tuxedo attire when unveiling a new statue at the Home Of The Arts.

He explained there would be eight statues across the city, and hoped this would bring in more tourism dollars.


“Every time I saw one  (during the Games), there were people milling about to take selfies and share them across the globe,” he said.

“We were never going to let the Borobis end up in a dark storeroom so I’m delighted have secured eight Borobis for permanent installation across our city.

“Let the selfies begin.”

Tom Tate and Borobi

PHOTO: Mitchell Van Homrigh /

The Mayor is still negotiating with the Queensland State Government about the copyright of the Borobi costume, which is currently collecting dust in storage at the Queensland Museum.

He hoped the State Government would gift the costume to the Coast for free.

Currently, the costume is still intellectual property owned by the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Borobi Locations

  • Swimming Borobi – Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
  • Weightlifting Borobi  – Broadwater Parkalnds
  • Surfer Borobi – Surfers Paradise Esplanade
  • Lifeguard Borobi – Narrowneck, Surfers Paradise
  • Tuxedo Borobi – HOTA
  • Netball Borobi – Kurrawa Park
  • Lawn Bowls Borobi – Jellurgal Centre
  • Lifeguard Borobi – Gold Coast Airport