Boy, 2, accidentally shot dead by his 4yo brother in US

A toddler in the US has accidentally been shot dead by his own brother.

The terrible tragedy happened at the family’s Louisa County home in Virginia on Tuesday.

Local media report the older boy, aged 4, thought the gun was a toy.


A Louisa Country Sheriff officer said the mother was home at the time of the shooting, however it’s not known how the youngster got his hands on the gun.

Major Donald A. Lowe pleaded with residents to ensure their firearms were locked away safely.

“It’s of paramount importance to make sure your guns are secured and out of the reach of children and everything,” he told local media.

“At least have them unloaded or a safety lock on them, whatever you have to do to keep them from being discharged accidentally.”

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you all underestimate your children’s capacity to realise things without you noticing they know. also curiosity itself would lead even a 4 year old to work it out like a puzzle or a tv remote even if you locked it in the safe in the roof. come on stop bull s***ing yourselves a gun is made for killing thats what it does having a safety switch on the side completely defeats its purpose for existing in the first place obviously makes no difference and makes having a gun for protection stupid if you have to protect yourself from the gun sounds like none of you gun owners are thinking correctly. the math is there