Boy hit by car, killed outside school

I got to my desk and perused the news, and read about a terrible accident that happened at a Sydney school on Friday morning. A car appears to have accidentally accelerated before crashing into a wall and pinning a child underneath.

Tragically, the young boy died.

Such a terrible, heart-breaking accident, and it made me reflect on my own morning – which was absolute chaos.


It always is: with three children to get up, dressed, groomed, fed and out the door by 8.30am to drop them to school – with all of their associated permission slips, musical instruments and homework – our mornings are always busy.

I dropped my kids off at their school gate and as usual, I hopped out of the car and gave them a hug cuddle and kiss, and said, “Love you, have a wonderful day, see you at pick up.”

Then I left, and my mind immediately clocked off parent mode and ticked over into work mode. What do I need to do immediately when I get to my desk? What is urgent? Do I have any appointments today?

I can confidently say that I haven’t thought about my children since. They’re at school where I know they’re safe, cared for, busy and active. They’re the school’s responsibility until 3pm.

This is a fallacy we all tell ourselves but the truth is, none of us are ever truly “safe” from harm, are we?

I can only imagine what the poor families and staff who witnessed this accident are going through now. NSW Ambulance duty operations manager David Stride said a number of ambulances responded to the “distressing scene”.

“The child has been pulled out from under the car and has been resuscitated by bystanders… we had five ambulances respond [and there was] also a medical team, so we had a doctor on scene. Unfortunately, the child was unable to be revived.”

Closer to home, there was another tragedy last week when a local dad Scott Rose, 39, was killed during a hit-and-run.

These heart-breaking news stories remind us that we never really know what could be just around the corner.

So, as trite as it sounds, we should try to embrace life as much as we can. We will never regret slowing down; soaking in the smaller moments; or even being a couple of minutes late, if it means time for a slightly longer kiss and cuddle with your loved ones.