Boyfriend forced to watch gang rape of girlfriend before being drowned in lake

A WOMAN has been horrifically gang raped in front of her boyfriend before being forced to watch him drown in a lake.

Another couple with them were also attacked, with the man also bound and drowned in the lake alongside his friend.

The Mirror reports the friends were allegedly walking through Rhodes Park, Kensington, near Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday when the horrifying attack took place.


The all-male gang, armed with a knife and gun, pounced on the two couples, with one woman managing to escape, but the other was captured and gang raped while her tied-up boyfriend watched on in horror.

After the sickening attack, the two men, aged 25 and 32, were thrown into a dam and drowned with the girlfriend of one of the men forced to watch on.

According to local media, police confirmed they are investigating two counts of murder and one count of rape.

No arrests have yet been made.