Boyfriend killer to spend 12 years in jail

A woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death because she thought he had killed her cat, will spend at least 12 years behind bars.

In sentencing in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday, Justice Michael Walton admitted, Rachel Impson was in a “heightened emotional state”, when she used a large carving knife to stab him in the back in October 2014.

Ms Impson, 42, was found guilty back in April of murdering Michael Insley, while she was living in a tent on Picnic Island in the Lake Illawarra region.


She had always admitted to killing the 39-year-old, but during her trial earlier in the year, Ms Impson’s lawyer argued that she was substantially impaired due to her bipolar affective disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Justice Walton on Friday said there had been “a degree of provocation” by Mr Insley towards Impson, who had claimed he was trying to prevent her from leaving the island.

She said the night before the fatal attack he had “footy-tackled” her, and denied her motive was due to the death of her cat, Angel.